Serene, quiet and tranquil environment suited for recovery from mental disorders. Professional international standard individualised care in a therapeutic environment.

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About The Retreat Healthcare

The Retreat Healthcare is a world class in-patient and out-patient facility that provides dignified care for mentally disordered people in Nigeria through therapeutic recovery treatments. It is the first purpose built privately owned mental health facility in Nigeria, built solely to cater for the therapeutic treatment and recovery of patients.

Our treatment program is focused on psychological treatments, recovery and therapeutic environment with the support of our skilled Psychiatrists, Mental Health Nurses, Therapist Assistants, an Occupational Therapist and a top Clinical Psychologist.

The founders of The Retreat Healthcare are a UK based renowned Addiction Psychiatrist and a General Adult Psychiatrist, in partnership with a foremost Lagos based General Adult Psychiatrist.   

The Retreat facility has wards, therapy units, laboratory, medical centre, dining hall, and outdoors sports recreational facilities as seen in advanced Neuropsychiatric Hospitals. It is a full-fledged comprehensive hospital with 20 beds with planned growth of additional 16 beds over the next 12 months.

The Retreat healthcare is uniquely situated in a 1-acre private estate offering serene, quiet and tranquil environment needed for recovery away from the Lagos city noise.  We understand the need for tranquillity for the recovery our patients, hence, the estate is powered by green energy utilising solar power and NEPA as secondary backup without any generators.

Our premises are fully secured to prevent absconsion. We have very high perimeter fence, CCTV and uniformed guards 24/7. We provide accommodation to our staff in the estate staff quarters.

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